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How to Speed Up Telegram? – humdesiradio

How to Speed Up Telegram?

How to Speed Up Telegram?

How to Speed Up Telegram?
How to Speed Up Telegram?

Knowing the Essentials Before we look into the fixes there are some things to know about how Telegram possibly became slow. The other factor is that it is very much dependent on the internet speed, the distance between the server, and the device capabilities. These factors may result in messages being delayed in being sent, media files loading slowly, and overall suboptimal performance.

Your internet connection needs to be strong in one of the easy-to-do solutions to improve Telegram performance. The biggest one you can control: make sure you’re not playing on a slow or unstable Wi-Fi network-switch to a stronger Wi-Fi link, or possibly even your mobile data if it gives faster speeds, if you’re a mobile user. Desktop users, by contrast, should probably use a wired connection instead of Wi-Fi if they can, in order to remove any sort of speed bottleneck.

Select the Amicability Data Center If the automated approach does not function, individuals have the option of handpicking the servers finest followed upon manual discovery by them. This can significantly lower the latency and increase the message delivery rates. You can do this by Settings -> Advanced and choosing the server corresponding to the closest to your geographical location.

Over a time, Telegram Media files take the amount of cache on your device that makes your application slower and also gives you some errors from time to time. This cache can take up space and slow down the app and to avoid this you need to delete this cache on a regular basis. To free up some storage on Android head over to Settings -> Data and Storage -> Storage Usage and delete cache. In iPhones, Find this Option in Settings -> Data and Storage -> Storage Usage.

Limit Data UsageTelegram also has a bunch of settings to cut back on data consumption – and potentially speed up the app if you’re in an area with dodgy mobile coverage. If you’re concerned about the app using up all your memory, you can stop media auto-downloading in the ‘Data and Storage’ section of ‘Settings’ so you only download images and videos when you need to.

Turn off Animations This can help make the app run a little bit faster as well. This works even better on older and lower-end devices. You will find this option under Settings -> Chat Settings -> Animations.

Switch to Telegram Web or Lightweight Versions Should speed issues continue, try moving to Telegram Web or installing Telegram X, which is a faster, leaner alternative app. These builds are generally tuned for speed and performance and may provide as less-janky.

How to: Update your Telegram app on a regular basis. Optimizations that can improve speed and performance are often incorporated into updates, as developers work to perfect the app over time.

If you wish to learn more about how to take your Telegram experience to the next level, feel free to visit the telegram加速指南.

With these measures in place, you can now be confident of the fact that your Telegram app will work faster for you and make messaging and sharing the media as smooth as ever.

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