Do you still throw away plastic bags at your house? We’ll know when we’re done! How terrible!

People seem to have gotten used to the pollution of plastic bags. Many people even think it is one of the safest things because there are few pollutants in plastic bags. However, some recent research suggests that this may not be such a good idea!

1: The harm of plastic bags

Plastic bag is a kind of widely used plastic products, it is widely used in daily life. However, the pollution caused by its massive use is becoming more and more serious. At present, there are some equipment and machines specially used for recycling waste plastics, such as environmental bags production line and waste processing workshop.This is wholesale coffee packaging. So what harm do discarded plastic bags actually do to the environment? 1. Plastic bags Pollute the air Although discarded plastic bags do not discharge directly into the air, they can release harmful substances, leading to worse air pollution. In addition, these toxic substances can spread into the soil and affect plant growth. 2. Easy to cause disease Plastic bags contain lead element, lead will enter human blood and destroy liver cells, and may even cause cancer; Meanwhile, plastic bags also contain a variety of other heavy metals, which may cause cancer or cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases if people inhale the gas containing excessive poisonings for a long time.

2: How to dispose of waste plastic

Waste plastic refers to items that have been discarded, such as cardboard, plastic bottles and so on. Common disposal methods include incineration and burial. Of these, incineration is the most common and promising. Incineration can effectively reduce the content of toxic substances in waste. Only a few local governments or factories use burial because it is expensive and difficult to find suitable materials. To properly dispose of waste and avoid negative impacts on the environment requires a thorough and thorough cleanup by professionals. First, ensure that all waste is fully dried, then wipe the surface with a non-toxic and harmless cleaner, and finally, clean the dirt that remains on the surface with hot water (do not expose to the sun).

3: Current situation of plastic product recycling market

With the deterioration of the global environment, plastic waste has become a serious social problem. Due to the lower production cost and ease of processing and recycling, many enterprises have begun to use waste plastic for processing to gain extra profits or reduce costs. However, there are still a large number of plastic bags in the market that are difficult to degrade or contain high levels of toxic substances, which will eventually affect People’s Daily life. To solve this conundrum, some large multinational companies are increasingly looking to China. These include: 1) BESTHOUR LIGHT, a subsidiary of Sinopec; 2) Shanghai Nonferrous Online Trading Corporation and its affiliated websites; 3) Shenzhen Paper Co., LTD

In conclusion, we need to realize that the threat of discarded plastic bags to the environment is greater than imagined! If you continue to use them, it’s best to recycle or use other reusable materials instead.

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